Products - standard or customized?

Dynax standards
Dynax actuators are manufactured after specific measures but are also available as different standard products.


Dynax CS 65»Actuator / Spindle motor


Dynax CS 125»Actuator / Spindle motor


Dynax CS 175»Actuator / Spindle motor


Dynax CS 225»Actuator / Spindle motor


Dynax CS 300»Actuator / Spindle motor

DYNAX actuators have been developed for use in a wide range of industries and are therefore offered in a number of customized designs. All DYNAX actuators can be supplied with the AC motor You want from 110V over 220V / 230V and 400v up to 690V AC.

DYNAX actuators can be used for all products where a strong reliable linear solution is needed. Electric cylinder actuators such as DYNAX are the perfect choice for opening doors and dampers, controlling valves, etc. and are with its simple connection an easier solution than hydraulics and pneumatics.

In a compact design, DYNAX actuators convert the rotating movement from the AC motor into a smooth linear movement with a lifting capacity from 50 kg to 300 kg – look into the above products to find just your solution. Or build your own version in our Webshop.