Dynax CS 125

Product Description

The CS 125 is one of our standard actuators, made in Aluminum wrap and very easy to assemble.
Like our other actuators, Dynax CS 125 is also available in stainless steel (AISI 316).
By default, the actuator is sealed at both ends with an end cap that protects against a smaller jet of water, in so-called IP54 + cable class.
The actuator is built to handle temperatures from -30 to +70 degrees celcius.

The actuator can be customized according to your wishes, as well as different options.

Below you can follow the price as you make your choice (note the choice of stainless steel version increases the price considerably).


Step 1 - Selection of stroke length

The CS 125 can be made in sizes 220-600 mm.

Step 2 - Selection of voltage

Step 3 - Selection of mounting - bottom

Step 4 - Selection of material - outer tube

Step 5 - Choice of material - spindle tube

Step 6 - Selection of mounting - spindle tube

Step 7 - Selection of cable type

Step 8 - Selection of cable length

Step 9 - Control

Step 10 - Accessories

* Required

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 58 × 14 × 14 cm